Cloud Control

Cloud Control
Gold Canary
(The Passport Label)

I can hear you thinking, who the hell are Cloud Control and rightly so. It was one of those press releases that zoomed into this inbox and managed to get the attention it deserves as this 4 piece could well be your new favourite band overnight.

They come from the Blue Mountains of Sydney and bring an imaginative indie pop sound that is backed by intelligent song writing with the feel of a glowing sunrise over untouched land. This magical feeling is rife on forthcoming single Gold Canary as the chanting vocals from guitarist Alister Wright and keyboardist Heidi Lenffer accompany rhythms from Ulrich Lenffer’s drums and Jeremy Kelshaw’s winding bass thumps and the result is near perfection.

Fly away, fly today’ are the words repeated throughout the verses of this almost Polynesian mountain chant, full of ethereal spirit akin to the wonderful work of Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective, so if you are already a fan of those bands you will appreciate Cloud Control’s tribal wonder that oozes from this 7″. An album full of stunning tracks will follow this release on The Passport Label so make sure you don’t miss it as this band could quite easily find them themselves on the lips of many this summer.