Southsea skatepark needs your help

This comes direct from the UKSA, and is definitely not what you want to be hearing on a Friday morning. Lend a hand, show your support, and don’t let another skatepark fall off the map. Read on:

“The future of Southsea skatepark is looking uncertain. The local council are preparing to close the park in September of this year unless a suitable plan can be made in conjunction with a private party that would need to take over the lease of the facilities. A private party with the full support of current skatepark users has approached the council and their business plan was rejected due to out-dated views expressed by council members as to the usage and potential user groups associated with the park.

The users of the park; skateboarders, bmx and inline have united to form a user group that will hopefully convince the council that these facilities are a necessary part of the local community and that the park is unique and an investment in the future of all active members of the public young and old.

The Southsea Skatepark Users Group will be posting/have posted (by the time this appears in print) an online petition that you can access via the Bored skate shop website at

Please add your support if you use the park, have ever used the park or if you value a genuine piece of British skate heritage and the right to campaign for adequate facilities for the present and future.

There will be various events throughout August which the Southsea Skatepark Users Group will post notice of on the various skate forums but regardless of this there has never been a more important time to visit the park. Go shred…


The United Kingdom Skateboarding Association”