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Bad For Business

In Bad For Business, Scholars have crafted one of those rare tunes that lodges itself firmly in your head yet doesn’t cause annoyance no matter how long it sticks in there. This song is insanely catchy but also packs a punch with its assured guitar riffs and propellant drum beats. It’s written from the perspective on an employee right at the bottom of the food chain but the catharsis in the lyrics is conveyed with such a fun swagger that you can’t help but sing along with glee.

Bad For Business is a bouncy, upbeat, party of a track which is guaranteed to get everyone dancing. Serious undertones there may be but this is one band whose tongues are firmly planted in their cheeks. They can have fun with any subject matter they tackle and produce upbeat pop-rock along with the best of them. Throw in a snappy music video which required the construction and destruction of a multitude of cardboard boxes and you’ve got a band whose get-up-and-go rock’n’roll music you can’t help feeling would be far from bad for any business. Or at least bad in a good way. If you see what we mean.