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Lucy Love

Lucy Love
(Superbillion Records)

Last time I checked, Copenhagen wasn’t slap bang in the middle of East London. Yet when you listen to Denmark’s Lucy Love you’d be forgiven for thinking the CD had been mislabelled with a Shystie record. This is absolutely no bad thing, with her hard hitting delivery piercing through the basslines of her tunes.

With a brilliant stage presence, as seen at her performance at London’s Tabernacle, the diminutive MC makes up for her lack of height with great delivery and the energetic way she runs through her tracks. The album features some nice dub-influenced tracks which allow her to ride the vibes, but it is the more upbeat tracks that stick in the memory as instant bangers.

Daddy Was A DJ and No VIP are the two tracks that do this perfectly, more electro than dub, with impossibly catchy melodies and sing-a-long choruses. Below is a video for a live performance of Daddy Was A DJ which tells you all you need to know about Lucy Love. It’s fun, it’s vibrant and it’s just plain good. Make sure you check out the two OK Formula remixes for some full on party bassline gubbins.

She could easily be a grime rapper from London, but the fact she’s Danish and can blast shit like this out is testament to her ability. Big!