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GG Allin – Hated

A film by Todd Phillips

If there was ever a DVD that could shock your system its this. GG Allin died of a heroin overdose in 1993 after a lifetime of self abuse and hatred to all human beings on the planet. His history was rife with anti social behaviour from an unstable family background and it was not long until he started to divulge into the world of punk rock, but GG had his own idea of how his band was going to perform in front of the public which caused outrage in Cities wherever he toured with his band The Murder Junkies.

Musically the results were a mess compared to other punk bands but they didn’t give a fuck as they had GG Allin on stage who would stagger out of his mind into the audience, who could never predict what he was going to do next. These spontaneously explosive sets consisted of puking and defecating all over the stage, then throwing it into the crowd whilst rubbing it all over himself as he stood in front of everybody in the venue naked.

He would ask the crowd to suck his dick and then kick the crap out of them one by one as assaults and fighting were part of the vicious live performance where GG walked into territory where he could simply annihilate.

These live sets were like nothing else you would have seen propelling him as a living legend. His following saw something of GG in themselves – the loneliness, the squalor, the government rules and the lack to live like society expects. Allin was also fascinated with serial killers and visited John Wayne Gacy various times who thought GG was special. The killer even painted a portrait of Allin as one of his own.

His controversy attracted so much attention that appeared on various TV talk shows in the USA including slots on Morton Downey, Jr, Geraldo and The Jerry Springer Show where he would spread his movement and promise parents that their children were his and had no power once they were introduced to his regime. Click here for a YouTube clip with GG’s last interview on the Jane Whitney show.

HATED gives you an insight into the pain, despair and violence sustained throughout his life with interviews, spoken word studio footage and the life outside of his reckless live shows that led his crusade for abomination.

It also features the last show he played at small club called The Gas Station in New York City. Once the power had cut out at the club, he went on the rampage, causing a riot in the streets and the entire scene from soundcheck to chaos is recorded throughout. The footage is undoubtedly mind-blowing to say the least.

He always said he would die on stage but fate got there first – about 3 hours after this show on June 28th 1993, GG Allin died of a heroin overdose in a friend’s apartment. His discolored, unwashed corpse was set in a casket with no make up, dressed in a black leather jacket holding a bottle of Jim Beam with headphones on.

You see the whole thing in the extras part of the DVD and it’s fucked up. It makes anything other rock and roll DVD documentary look tame and should certainly be one that you will remember as HATED is THE most fucked up documentary you will ever get to see.

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