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Bouncing Souls DVD

Live At The Glasshouse
(Kung Fu DVD)

It seems unfair that over the course of their fifteen-plus year existence, the Bouncing Souls haven’t reaped the rewards afforded to so many inferior bands of their genre. To label the ‘Souls a pop-punk band would only tell half the story, as their intelligent (but often humorous) lyrics and streetwise, hardcore edge have always helped them stand out from their so-called peers.

They’re also a superb live band, and Live At The Glasshouse(filmed in February 2005) is proof enough of this; having been filmed in a small, sweaty sold out club as the band ripped through an absolute wet-dream of a set-list. As with previous Kung Fu The Show Must Go Off! releases, the filming and sound quality is almost faultless. There are plenty of comedy
moments too; most notably the fluffed intros to Say Anything and Kate Is Great, as well as the entertaining between-song banter.

There are also a few extras, including a commentary of the show (involving
plenty of jokes at the expense of non-present drummer Michael McDermott);
footage of the Souls rehearsing, visiting friends and various other
touring-related activities; weblinks, and various other bits and bobs

Not bad for four guys from New Jersey who’ve paid their dues and done things
in true DIY spirit, Live At The Glasshouse may not be half as much fun as
seeing the band in the flesh, but will keep most Bouncing Souls fans happy
between tours. Newcomers would be better off watching the Do You Remember?
DVD first, but should still check this out too.

Alex Gosman