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Children Of Bodom – Live DVD

Chaos Ridden Years/Stockholm Knockout Live

Given that black metal bands are generally not renowned for having a sense of humour, Children Of Bodom are something of an anomaly.

During the course of ‘Stockholm Knockout Live’ – a full-length recording of the band’s recent show in the Swedish capital – you’ll be treated to the sight of a car as part of their stage set, and the sight of keyboard player Janne Warman gleefully grilling sausages over the pyro flames. Oh, and let’s not forget the music; songs like ‘Silent Night, Bodom Night’ and ‘Follow The Reaper’ sounding as gloriously epic as ever.

If you like Children Of Bodom but have never seen them live, ‘Stockholm Knockout Live’ does a pretty good job of showing you what you’ve been missing. If you have been lucky enough to catch them live recently, then you’ll more or less know what to expect.

For the seasoned COB follower, there’s the ‘Chaos Ridden Years’ documentary, which chronicles the story of the band from their mid-90s inception to the present day. Featuring interviews with every member, it’s a detailed and often entertaining insight into the world of the Bodom, complete with snippets of live footage and general booze-addled tomfoolery.

Combine that with a clutch of promo videos and a couple of other extras, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet deal. Check for more info.

Alex Gosman