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Bad Religion DVD

‘Live At The Palladium’

If you have a strong interest in punk or, indeed, skate culture, then you probably have at least a rough idea of who Bad Religion are and what they sound like. For the uninitiated, these Californian punk veterans originally formed in the early Eighties, and have since influenced countless other bands; not just through their own music, but also through Epitaph Records, the now hugely successful record label started by band founder and guitarist Brett Gurewitz.

Now celebrating 25 years together as a band, Greg Graffin et al have finally seen fit to release a live DVD, and have made a pretty impressive job of it too. Filmed at a near-hometown show at the Hollywood Palladium last year, it features a mammoth 31-song set list, with a choice of songs to keep just about any Bad Religion fan happy (Generator’, ‘We’re Only Gonna Die’, ‘Atomic Garden’ they’re all here). Plus, for non-Californian fans, there’s the added bonus of seeing the band playing live with Gurewitz (who rejoined the band in 2001 on a recording – but not touring – basis).

However, the main appeal of ‘Live At The Palladium’ lies in the various between-song interviews with the band and their fans, which give an interesting (and often entertaining) insight into the genesis of Bad Religion, their history, their influences and various other aspects of the band. Amongst the fans interviewed are a couple of the guys from Rise Against, one of the many latter-day punk bands who have taken inspiration from Bad Religion and their legacy. There’s also an’Extras’ section featuring some amusing television footage of the band from the early Eighties, as well as a selection of promo videos and photos.

Overall, this DVD is an excellent document of a band who not only boast an impressive back catalogue, but have also recently produced some of the best music of their career. 25 years and still going strong – you can put your faith in this Bad Religion.

Alex Gosman