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(Punch Drunk)

With the Purple dubstep sound having been made relatively mainstreamly popular through Joker and ably backed up by Gemmy, it was interesting to see where fellow Bristolian Guido would take it with his album Anidea. Building on a variety of influences, Guido has tailored an extremely listenable twelve track album that is sure to be critically acclaimed across the board.

From the opening track, it’s clear that the producer knows how to pen a tune with a catchy hook. Whilst the title track might not be the most complex of melodies, it’s a head-nodding slow-burner which segues into the defiantely purple Orchestra Lab and Woke Up Early with their flowing basslines and periodic squelches.

He does move into more R&B influenced territory with the vocoder vocalled Beautiful Complication and Way U Make Me Feel but it’s with the fuzzed out Shades Of Blue and 80’s esque brass of Mad Sax that he really excels. He never overdoes the bass, which would routinely ruin his melodies, instead keeping a happy medium throughout allowing each track to glide as a whole through the speakers.

This album was eagerly awaited by many and it’s no disappointment. Check out Cat In The Window below to get a taster.