Album Reviews


Rocket Skates
(Warner Bros.)

Some bands become watered down versions of themselves after they’ve been around a certain amount of time. Not Deftones. In fact, with Rocket Skates it’s almost like they’re an intensely concentrated version of themselves. This track is our first taster from forthcoming album Diamond Eyes and it’s just as full of edge-of-your-seat musical and lyrical violence as Deftones ever were.

The repeated screaming of ‘Guns, Razors, Knives!’ by frontman Chino is both impassioned and pained whilst the searing guitar lines are almost out of control in their visceral nature. As much as the air of violence and raw rock sound is key in this track, it’s also clear that Deftones have honed their art to near perfection and there is an impressive display of musicianship on show.

This is a balls-out rock song proving that if a band is truly great, they can rise above even the highest levels of expectations placed upon them and come out with something that quenches existing fans’ thirst ten times over as well as piquing interest in those who may have not really paid that much attention to them in the past. Over 20 years of Deftones and they’re still going strong. Perhaps even stronger than ever. Respect is due.