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(Digital Soundboy)

Breakage may well be known as a D&B producer, but with his latest album, Foundation, he certainly proves his prowess on the boards with a variety that’s unnervingly on point regardless of the genre he locks down. His use of guests also help to enhance the beats on the 16 track album, from the legendary David Rodigan to the hipster’s favourite Burial through to UK Funky MC Donae’o.

Indeed, Rodigan’s appearance, which rides alongside the relentless throb of sub-bass and the impossibly hype-bringing bars of D Double E and Footsie on Hard, is a perfect way to break out the album, as it does on track three. Whether he brings the old school flavour, like on the short Digiboy Radio with its authentic crackle and hum or hits more two-step vibes of Over featuring Zarif [standard instant reload material], Breakage does it tight and does it big.

Obviously his more straight up D&B tunes are there for the purists and prove him to be the shining star that many see him as, but its his dexterity which stands out on Foundation. With Speechless, he rounds the album off with as mainstream a track as you could imagine and yet it still sounds cool and ingrains itself with its catchy chorus and dubstep vibings.

Yep, this is a biggun, it’s no surprise the plaudits are clamouring to lay accolades on this one.