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pond‘Fantastic Explosion Of Time’
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For those of you record nerds that looked at this and thought that Sub Pop’s Pond from the early 90’s had reformed and releasing new material let’s make this clear that this Pond is full of new life, is not a grunge band and lives down in Australia.

Made up of 2 of Tame Impala’s touring members, Pond have unleashed one of the coolest psych records of 2012 so far with brand new track ‘Fantastic Explosion Of Time‘. Made up of of a mix of late 70’s pop punk rhythms and a large dose of 60’s psych, the rollercoaster trip this track omits is a ride that everyone should be on by the time the full length record is released this March 5th in the UK.

Previous releases have seen the band delve into Bowie/MGMT 70’s rock vibes so the forthcoming album Beard Wives Denim that will be released on Modular Recordings should be quite a melee of goodness to look forward to.

For now, feast on this single that is up for free download from the soundcloud link below and try not to play it again and again. Magical stuff.

Pond – Fantastic Explosion Of Time by modularpeople