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WIRE reissue ‘Document & Eyewitness’

WIRESeminal art-punks Wire have announced that their 1981 live album Document & Eyewitness, is due for reissue August 18th via Pink Flag Records.

The album documents a particularly eventful night and period of Wire’s enigmatic career. The fateful night at Camden’s Electric Ballroom saw their set accompanied by demonstrative performance art. Highlights include such acts as an individual beating a gas cooker with a hammer, a woman pulling two bound men across the stage, an illuminated goose and masked percussionists sporting newspaper headdresses. One band member donned an exaggerated beekeeper’s veil, while others wore morris-dancing bells. Veering back and forth between the playful and the profane, this was a combination of performance art and absurdist farce.

Document & Eyewitness will be released on double LP, double CD and as a legal bootleg series featuring the unedited gig recordings. Hit play below for a preview of the madness.