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Tyler, The Creator speaks out against U2’s new album


U2 invaded your iTunes library last week with their ironically titled new record Songs Of Innocence. The 11 track album crept inside your computer overnight without warning. How would you notice? How many other bands begin with “U” apart from UB40? And who in their right mind has UB40 on their iTunes? The next time you’re scrolling down, making you way to The Velvet Undergound, you’ll be greeted by Bono & Co, waving their innocence right in your face. Don’t you wish you’d read those terms and conditions when you signed up for iTunes now?

Unsuprisingly, these actions caused quite a stir with, well, everyone that doesn’t like U2. Which happens to be quite a lot of people. Tyler, The Creator is but one of many who chose to voice their opinions on the matter through Twitter. See his reactions below.