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Townshend storms out of interview

Pete Townshend, the guitarist with The Who, stormed out of a radio interview with US shock-jock Howerd Stern after the co-host, Robin Quivers, mentioned the guitarist’s run in with the police after he had accessed a child pornography website.

He was due to do the interview with bandmate Roger Daltrey but heard the link to the show when Quivers and Stern discussed asking him about it and left. Daltrey finished the interview, backing up his friend saying the show was “sniffing dirty underpants”, and followed with

“Can you imagine you’re accused of this stuff and then you’re found not guilty? If you had to defend yourself through this stuff? The wounds are so deep on the man, and it’s just tragic because he’s got so much to offer”.

The band are about to release Endless Wire, their first new album in 24 years.