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Tom Waits to release 78RPM record

We have come to expect eccentric announcements from eccentric people, and who better to do something like this than Tom Waits.

Following his 78rpm record-inspired collaboration with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (it was inspired by a 78 rpm recording of Danny Barker’s 1947 street chant “Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing“) the song is to be released on a 78rpm record.

Now, we’re sure some of you have a record playing device and some of you don’t, though we’re even more confident that all of you aren’t in the possession of a record player that can play records at speeds other than 33rpm and 45rpm. Well, the record is to be accompanied with a limited release (504) player specifically designed to play this record. How’s that for a middle finger thrusted towards the disposable music climate we’re currently in?

Have a look at the player over on the right and head over here for more information.