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Thrice album details

Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue recently spoke to VH1 about the band’s upcoming quadruple album, saying they were about halfway through the writing and recording of the record.

The collection will be called The Elements and each album will be 30 minutes long and self-produced, called Earth, Air, Water and Fire and hope to have them out by the end of this year. Kensrue is also supporting a solo album. Of the Thrice record, he said:

“It’s definitely a daunting task, and I think we’re starting to realize that now, since we’re not in the beginning phases anymore. It’s a lot of fun and a serious challenge for us, which is what we’re always looking for. This record’s different than what would have been just the next Thrice record, being it has these themes that we’re trying to hit.

It allows for things that wouldn’t have happened on an old Thrice record. We have this one song that’s sort of a bluesy jazz standard, and there wouldn’t have been space for something like that on any of our other records. But we have the freedom to do it here, and it fits.”