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Terry Gilliam directs Arcade Fire webcast

Tonight at 10PM EDT (that’s 3AM for us here in the UK) Arcade Fire are set to stream their live show at Madison Square Garden for all to see on their Youtube VEVO Channel.

If this news isn’t awesome enough for you yet then be prepared to want to stay up very late (or get up very early) tonight as it was confirmed last month that eccentric filmmaking genius Terry Gilliam (transatlantic Monty Python activist and director of Brazil and 12 Monkeys) will be directing the show, whatever that actually means. Even he himself isn’t too sure…

I’m trying to find out what this fucking thing is‘ admitted the director only yesterday, one day before showtime.

Either way, with the two creative forces somehow merged together we are certainly in store for something very special. Be sure to tune in tonight, or tomorrow morning, depending on where you are.