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SSS dates incoming

Liverpool thrash metal, wrecking ball SSS come to London on Saturday 23rd May for the Slaughterday Festival taking place at the Purple Turtle in Camden, London.

SSS drummer Dave Fergusson is back on tour and says

I’m looking forward to going down to London again this Saturday to play. Loads of boss bands on the bill and hopefully my drum stool won’t break like last time in front of 300 people, on my arse with legs in the air haha!! Gonna be playing songs off The Dividing Line and our first LP. After this, I think we’re gonna hibernate for a bit to finish writing our third album, so get your long and short-haired heads down there and join in the madness!”

Catch SSS live at the following shows:

23 May 2009 London, UK – Slaughterday Festival, The Purple Turtle

12 Jun 2009 London, UK – The Borderline (w/ ANNIHILATION TIME) – can’t miss this one! is where to find them or click here for a recent interview with the band on this very site.