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Scream For Help Compilation Info

21 bands have come together with the help of KOI Records to show their support for the SPCA, who are tackling major animal welfare problems in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. KOI Records hope to be able to make a big donation to the SPCA with the help of the compilation. The tracklisting is as follows:

Side A

1. Bloodjinn – See Through (unreleased demo version)
Courtesy: Forsaken Recordings
2. Nine Days To No One – So My Inferior This Ends
Courtesy: Engineer Records
3. Cipher – Privilege
Courtesy: Uprising Records
4. H20 – Family Tree
Courtesy: Blackout Records
5. Kill Your Idols – Skinhead Girl (recorded live 9/05)
Courtesy: Sideonedummy Records

Side B

1. Fifty Stars Anger – Mordechai Vanunu
Courtesy: Fifty Stars Anger
2. Killed By The Bull – I, The Crooked Hero
Courtesy: KOI Records/Dick Harris Recordings
3. Spitfire – Life & Limb (previously unreleased)
Courtesy: Goodfellow Records
4. Ensign – Where’s The Unity
Courtesy: Blackout Records
5. Deathcycle – No RNC in NYC
Courtesy: Chainsaw Safety Records

Side C

1. The Chariot – Dialogue with a Question Mark
Courtesy: Tooth & Nail Records
2. Thirty3 – Let’s Keep This Joke Going
Courtesy: State of Grace Records
3. My Shining One – Dance of the Ghost
Courtesy: Engineer Records
4. The Fire Still Burns – Insert Motivation Here
Courtesy: Blackout Records
5. Know Your Enemy – Stop Beating Your Meat
Courtesy: Teishu Records
6. Celebrity Murders – Jealous Again (recorded live 9/05)
Courtesy: Chainsaw Safety Records

Side D

1. Most Precious Blood – Damage Control Freak
Courtesy: Trustkill Records
2. Cattle Decapitation – Long Pig Chef & The Hairless Goat (recorded live at

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records
3. Worlds Between Us – Red Eye Figures Follow Black Cats
Courtesy: Engineer Records
4. Static Radio – Who’s Laughing Now
Courtesy: Static Radio
5. Farewell – Manilla
Courtesy: Forsaken Recordings

The Scream For Help compilation will come out on 2 10″ coloured vinyl LPs and will be hand numbered.

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