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Rough Trade launch digital store

The legendary Rough Trade shop is 30 years old this year and to celebrate, they are launching the Rough Trade Digital store for music fans everywhere. The aim is to give you the excellent product knowledge of the staff and the fun of going to a record shop, but with a mouse, rather than your legs.

Not only will people be able to get new releases, but also music from a huge back catalogue over a range of genres. In addition to this, another aim of the site is to constantly change the music selection, giving the fans who come to the site the chance to discover more music, more often.

Another feature will be the counter-to-digital service for unsigned bands who want to sell their music digitally. A band that wants to sell their music online can go to one of the Rough Trade shops, with a CDR, and sell it on the site, with potential endorsement from Rough Trade.

An important point which allows the Rough Trade Digital store to stand above the competition is that its free from Digital Rights Management, meaning you can do whatever you want with the tracks you download from the site – burn them onto CD, export to an MP3 player… the works.

The digital service is set to launch on November 14th, so get your watches set!