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Rap goes mad…

It seems like every day you open the music press and there’s some rapper getting into trouble or doing something contraversial. Here are the latest batch of crazy goings on in the world of rap.

Snoop is in trouble again after being charged with possessing a deadly weapon after he turned himself in following the incident at an airport in California where a 21 inch baton was found in his laptop bag as he tried to board a flight to San Francisco.

Snoop had claimed he didn’t know the weapon was illegal, as the charge carries a sentence of 3 years in jail. His problems with airports thus continue and he is due in court in December to answer to further weapon and drug possession charges.

On top of this, Snoop came up against some royalty, though this was unknown to him. At the bar in Copenhagen, Snoop got his crew to remove a group of men from the VIP area to get more women in, but didn’t realise one of the men was the Prince of Denmark.

Our next story concerns The Game, who has admitted to leaking his own album, the upcoming Doctor’s Advocate, onto the internet. He said: “I already leaked my album. I already leaked my shit so niggas know what it is now. All they got to wait for is the dirty version…You gotta do that. You gotta give people a sample. It’s like selling crack in the ‘hood, man. Anybody that ever sold drugs in the hood knows you gotta give a nigga a taste before they buy. I leaked ‘The Documentary’ the same time last year that I did this album. I got a formula.

Finally its Kanye and his monumental ego. At the recent European MTV video awards, he stormed onto the stage after french act Justice and Simian had picked up the award for best video for We Are Your Friends. Kanye, swearing as he got up on stage, said he deserved to win for his video Touch The Sky, because it cost a million dollars before telling everyone that if he didn’t win, “the awards show loses credibility”.

As we’d say at the football – Sit down, shut up. / /