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Portishead discuss 4th album

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow told BBC6 Music today that after writing material during the Summer, the eclectic Bristol trip-hoppers will be returning into the studio very soon to record their follow-up to 2008’s Third.

He insists that there will be no more decade-long breaks between albums, stating he ‘just wants to bang on, get another record out‘. If what he says about the way the band work, then we can be hopeful that the new album will be another triumph…

With Portishead there’s long periods of thinking, without any ideas. It is about progressing music and our problem is that if we don’t think we can progress it forward we get stuck in a hole.

Though the band weren’t exactly quiet in the year after ‘Third‘, Geoff recorded an excellent album with his side project, Beak>, and the charity single ‘Chase The Tear‘ hinted at the direction Portishead were heading towards. With this news, fans can rejoice in the knowledge that they’re not going into hiding any time soon.