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New Atmosphere material incoming

Minneapolis heavyweights Atmosphere are to bring out 2 more Sad Clown CDs before their new album drops.

The Sad Clown Bad Dub series, which started off on cassette and progressed to CD sold on tours has now reached its 9th edition which is due to be released in a few weeks according to Slug. Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 will feature 5 tracks, all based around a piano. Sad Clown Nice Fall 10 will then be put out around September.

Slug went on to say that the new album, which has the working title of With Your Tale Between Your Legs [though that might change], won’t be out until next spring and so these 2 new Sad Clown records are some fun to tide everyone over. The tracklisting for SCBS9 is:

1. Sunshine
2. The Number One
4. Mattress
5. Don’t Forget