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Mute Records farewell party

Mute Records threw the party of the year so far on Saturday night which saw hundreds of invite only special guests take a hammer to the old brick and mortar before it is demolished.

The famous Mute building had been vacated as the company moved to a new home and a massive party was arranged to celebrate their time there.

It all kicked off with a bar-b-q early afternoon and when dusk kicked in, the main rooms started to buzz with anticipation of a rocking evening. Cocktails (namely the Wrecking Ball!) drowned guests in each room where DJ sets from Arthur Baker, MJ (Slick Sixty), Mark Moore, Miss Kitten, Rough Trade DJ’s also great live sets from Rex The Dog & Christine.

People sprawled out in every part of the office on bean bags as the night turned to daylight. The remaining vampires, (us included!) left the building in pieces with a piece of the building in a polythene bag when breakfast was served.

Best party this year without a doubt, check this week for the evidence.