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Misfits are rejoined by Glenn Danzig

They said it would never happen, mainly because for the last three decades original Misfits bass player Jerry Only and notoriously uncompromising frontman, Glenn Danzig have been locked in a bitter dispute over ownership of the band, music and iconic logo etc.

But it now appears that for the first time in thirty-one years, original members Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein are reuniting for the Riot Festivals in Chicago and Denver in September this year.

Quite what has prompted this turn-around in events is not yet clear, apart from the obvious financial motivations. Whilst Doyle has been regularly turning up to perform Misfits songs over the last few years with Danzig, Jerry has been forging ahead with his own version of the band for many years now, recording four studio albums and touring the globe many times over whilst Danzig has continued with his solo career.

Whether there will be more shows to come is not yet known, but for now, the thought of getting the chance to see the original band is certainly enticing!