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Manson keyboardist sues

Manson photo by Andrew KendallMarilyn Manson’s former keyboardist is suing the singer, claiming that the gothic darklord owes him more than £9million.

Stephen Bier, who went under the stage name Madonna Wayne Gacy, says he was not properly paid for nearly two decades. The ongoing dispute has revealed that Manson may have spent a lot of the bands profits on luxury, drug treatment and Nazi paraphernalia, claims which Manson has said were “ridiculous”.

And if Manson still seems a bit of an odball buying Adolf Hitler’s coat hangers, then legal documents have also shown that he bought African masks made of human skin, the full skeleton of a four-year-old Chinese girl and the full skeleton of a 17th Century male in a wheelchair.

Gnarly, but still not as gnarly as Emperor.