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Kurt Cobain is releasing a solo album?


Yes. The Nirvana front-man and song-writing genius’ death is set to be further capitalised upon this coming November 6th, when the Montage of Heck DVD will be released with an accompanying ‘solo album’ comprised of MORE previously unheard solo material recorded by Cobain some 20+ years ago.

Montage of Heck director Brett Morgen is said to have found the recordings that will make up this album when sifting through the extensive Cobain archives for home demos. Commenting on the album in a recent interview with Bedford & Bowery, Morgen said listeners “will feel like you’re kind of hanging out with Kurt Cobain on a hot summer day in Olympia, Washington as he fiddles about,” adding that “it’s not a Nirvana album, it’s just Kurt, and you’re going to hear him do things you never expected to come out of him.”

As yet untitled, this ‘solo LP’ is due November 6th. Look out for further announcements online and head here for more Cobain controversy, courtesy of Buzz from the Melvins.