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Kasms announce new single

After the recent release of their sizzling debut LP, ‘SPAYED‘ and the subsequent European UK support slot with The Gossip, KASMs are back! ‘Absent Without Leave/Murmur‘ is their new double single, to be released for download on August 10th through trouble records.

Whilst ‘Murmur‘ has already staked it’s claim on album ‘Spayed‘ and as the band’s favoured show closer, ‘Absent Without Leave’ is a brand new addition to the KASMs inventory. Utilising their usual reel-to-reel recording process, the track was written and committed to record live in one day in band member Rory Brattwell’s own studio space. The idea behind this freeform style of recording being to capture the live energy in which their snowballing reputation is rooted and document the exhilarating sound and attitude they have created during their time together as a band.

Kasms have also just been confirmed to play Reading and Leeds Festival in August.

Here’s a video of Kasms playing Murmur live in Glasgow on their recent tour with The Gossip: