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Joyce Manor stream new album


LA pop-punk four piece Joyce Manor are streaming their new album Never Hungover Again on NPR‘s ‘First Listen’ now.

Despite making their debut as an acoustic duo, Joyce Manor soon realised that plugging in and playing loud is way more fun. That instant fix, triggered by the sound of a thrashing electric guitar, is slapped all over this record. If you like it loud, straining and in your face then hit play below to stream Joyce Manor’s latest ten tracks of melodic, pop-punk sentiment.

Never Hungover Again is due for release July 21st via Epitaph Records.

Never Hungover Again tracklist:

1. Christmas Card
2. Falling in Love Again
3. End of the Summer
4. Victoria
5. Schley
6. Heart Tattoo
7. The Jerk
8. In The Army Now
9. Catalina Fight Song
10. Heated Swimming Pool