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Insane Huoratron video for ‘Corporate Occult’

It could hardly be called ‘easing’ in to the harsh electro sound of Huoratron, but for a small glimpse of what’s to come from the Finnish beat demon the ‘Prevenge‘ EP will be dropping on August 2nd and the video for single ‘Corporate Occult‘ is available to view if you’re ready for it.

It’s something that Chris Cunningham would either love, hate or get off to. Directed by Cedric Blaisbois, the music video for ‘Corporate Occult‘ isn’t one to be taken in during a tea break. It’s dark, explicit and as merciless as the beats that accompany it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

“CORPORATE OCCULT” Huoratron Music Video from C├ędric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.