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Hot Water Music Split

Its a sad day for Punk, as after a decade of playing together, Hot Water Music have broken up. Their extended break has been made permanent and a statement was made which stated:

“It’s definitely not easy to end something that was such a large part of our lives for so long, but it is most definitely time to put the beast to bed. We always said that we would go out when things were still good and true,and hopefully we did. There’s nothing worse than watching a band you love go through the motions, aside from being in that band.

To wrap this up, I ask one thing of you all than it is. People make difficult decisions everyday. It’s not easy to leave something behind or to start something over. That is all that happened here. There is no bullshit drama between, so please don’t create any.

We sincerely hope that you all find time to follow our new projects, Chuck with his solo work and Chris, George, and myself with The Draft.

Thanks again, it was a blast.