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Heavy metal disability?

leftWell it’s true that most real heavy metal fans have pretty bad hearing from standing next to huge stacks of speakers for years on end, but you couldn’t class that as a disability. And most metal fans will usually have quite dodgy necks from thrashing out most of their lives. Well that’s nothing.

Life-long heavy metaller Roger Tullgren, 42, from Hässleholm in southern Sweden has had his musical preferences classed as a disability, allowing him to claim benefits to supplement his pay as a dishwasher. His boss has also allowed him to listen to metal at work as well.

Tullgren’s disability has meant he has skipped work countless times to go to gigs and has found it hard to keep a job. His newly classed disability means he has to be given special dispensation and allowed to listen to Sabbath constantly. Amazing! I can’t wait to pick up my repeat prescription for Bathory’s back catalogue.