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Donny Tourette to get pounded?

Jeff Turner, frontman of Cockney Rejects, has challenged Donny Tourette of Towers Of London fame [well, maybe fame isn’t the best word] to a fight. The band,who refer to his band as the Showers Of London have said on their official site:

“Now they pop up everywhere claiming to be the ‘new’ Cockney Rejects, even though tough hardman Donny Tourette was so tough and so hard that he ended up leggin’ it over the wall after failing to go two rounds with Jade and her mum in the ‘Big Brother’ house. G&R Records are prepared to sponsor a bout between Donny Tourette and Mr Turner at West Ham Boxing Club to raise money for charity (the St. John’s Ambulance being the obvious choice, as they will have the job of scraping him off the floor when it’s over)”.