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Dirty Pretty Things Album

Dirty Pretty Things are going to release their new album Waterloo To Anywhere in two different formats, its been revealed. The first with be on a CD with an exclusive DVD and the second will be on vinyl which will be accompanied by a bonus 7″.

The DVD will include footage of the group’s recent show at King’s College in London and will include the single Bang Bang You’re Dead, The Enemy, Last Of The Small Town Playboys, The Gentry Cove and Blood Thirsty Bastards.Meanwhile the 7″ will have an acoustic verion of Bang Bang You’re Dead and a track entitled B.U.R.M.A on the reverse.

The album’s tracklisting will be:

‘Doctors & Dealers’
‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’
‘Blood Thirsty Bastards’
‘The Gentry Cove’
‘Gin & Milk’
‘The Enemy’
‘If You Love A Woman’
‘You Fucking Love It’
‘Last Of the Small Town Playboys’