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Casual teams up with Maroon 5

Hieroglyphics’ MC Casual is set to team up with Maroon 5 on a new album.

After the recent spate of rock/rap collaborations, the most recent being the appearance of Fall Out Boy and The Hives on Timbaland’s new album, Maroon 5 are heading to Oakland to record with Casual. The band met the rapper at the Bonnaroo Festival last year and Casual said:

“We hit it off right away, and the next day, on a lark, I sat in with them during their sound check. I knew all of their hits because I had been listening to them on my tour bus, so I freestyled over a few of their tracks and it sounded amazing.”

The tracks penned already are below and the album is due out early this summer.

This Love
Sunday Morning
Not Coming Home