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Brian Eno announces album on Warp

Cross-genre production genius turned ambient soundscape legend Brian Eno has confirmed the release of a new album, entitled ‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea‘, on November 15th through Warp Records.

Joined by composers Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins, the ethereal LP can be pre-ordered in all its packaged wonder (head here to see the marvellous packaging) as of August 25th.

The tracklisting ahs been confirmed as follows:

  1. “Emerald and Lime”
  2. “Complex Heaven”
  3. “Small Craft on a Milk Sea”
  4. “Flint March”
  5. “Horse”
  6. “2 Forms of Anger”
  7. “Bone Jump”
  8. “Dust Shuffle”
  9. “Paleosonic”
  10. “Slow Ice, Old Moon”
  11. “Lesser Heaven”
  12. “Calcium Needles”
  13. “Emerald and Stone”
  14. “Written, Forgotten”
  15. “Late Anthropocene”

For a glimpse at what the record may sound like, listen to Brian’s Pure Scenius concert series in which he’s joined by Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams alongside other musical friends. See it below.