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Bob Dylan lyrics set $2m record

Bob_Dylan_LyricsPhoto Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Not often do fans and outsiders get the chance to peer behind the scenes, into a musicians thoughts and musings, catching a glimpse of their creative process. Yesterday a draft version of Bob Dylan‘s lyrics to 1965 hit ‘Like a Rolling Stone’, penned by the man himself, sold at auction for a record breaking $2m.

The four hand written pages, scrawled on hotel stationary, are said to feature unused ideas and scrapped lyrics that never made it to tape, as well as unseen doodles and drawings. Could these four pieces of paper be the most valuble written words in music?

The seller chose to remain anonymous, however the auction house revealed they were a fan from California who previously bought the lyrics sheet form Dylan personally. A life time fortune in exchange for four pages of one of the worlds most famous musicians’ scriblings. Worth it?