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Do you have tunes? Want them on the TV?

Basik Products produce a series called ‘MTV Mono‘ that’s about to go into production for it’s 5th series. Mono is a series of 10 x 3 minute spots that are interstitial in the MTV programming schedule (sits in-between half-hour shows instead of adverts). It has a pan-European broadcast & is syndicated worldwide (except the States, which isn’t such a bad thing really).

The content of the show is predominantly skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing & bmx, but pretty much anything goes in as long as it’s good enough. For this series the guys are going on the road filming in the French Alps for a rookie snow-park tour, Egypt / Israel & Greece for a skate tour that will end up at the bowl-riders final in Italy + then they are off to Switzerland for a Ski / reggae event organized by Candide Thovex. Other footage also getting hold of the original footage of Danny Way’s ‘Wall Of China’ jump + the Kelly Slater Invitational surf event. The series has no presenters & no sync (talking heads) meaning it’s jam packed with tricks & goodness from beginning to end. The main narrative that drives the show is the music…

So, Basik are looking for some original tracks to use in the series. In the past they have used producers such as Quantic, TM Duke, Ed Solo & numerous other masters of the trade to lend their talents to the series… But they need more, which is where you come in.

Basically – this is a call to arms for all unsigned producers & bands that have got a stockpile of tracks just waiting to be put to good use. The music can be from whatever genre you like & can be as fast or slow as you like – but it has to be good!

The show will be sponsored by a pretty big & reputable sports company this year (can’t tell you who yet), so there will be a handsome reward in it for you if your track gets picked… Also, you / your band will receive a credit at the end of the relevant show. Sounds good right? Well, wait up – there are some broadcast & legal stipulations:

– The track has to be edited to 2’42 exactly (the titles / bumpers are 18′ seconds long), anything longer or shorter will not be taken into consideration for the series.

– The track has to be produced / mixed to a good level & delivered on CD as an AIFF file.

– You give up all rights of the track to MTV / Basik Products, unfortunately this mean’s that you will not be able to release the track in question AT ALL in the future. This is a way of simplifying any legal issues for us in the future & to save you from having to have any legal dealings with a big corporate company… But hopefully the financial reward will help you deal with your strict socialist morals. If not, look at it as damn good exposure.

If they choose your track, you will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to the all of the above which will be non-retractable & nonnegotiable.

Listen to the corporate monster roar! Anyway, better you know what your getting yourselves into now right?

So then, interested? If so, e-mail your track’s as compressed mp3’s (no huge files please) to:

If you want more information on us or Mono, check the site at