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Banksy Vs Paris Hilton

Awesome street-artist and all round genius Banksy has struck again. This time he’s been fucking with Paris Hilton’s new album.

The social kitten’s album have been tampered with and left in indy record shops and even branches of Virgin and HMV. It was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Banksy that he’d swapped Hilton’s CD for one of his own, featuring titles like “What Have I Done?”, “What Am I For?” and “Why Am I Famous?”.

He also tampered with the sleeves, making Paris naked and having a dog’s head. However, he left the bar code on the 500 doctored albums so that customers wouldn’t realise something was wrong. So far, HMV have said no-one who bought the changed CD has complained and Virgin have said that they tip their hat to him – we wonder what they would have said if we had gone in and tagged them up and drawn a poo-stache on her slapable, useless face?!

Keep it up Banksy…you can find his stuff at