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Air reissue Moon Safari

Air will release a special, limited edition version of their album Moon Safari to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The album was originally released in 1998 and sold two million copies, has been expanded with an extra CD featuring remixes, radio sessions and rarities. The reissue is released on March 31st with the following tracklisting:

Disc One

‘La Femme d’Argent’
‘Sexy Boy’
‘All I Need’
‘Kelly Watch The Stars’
‘You Make It Easy’
‘Ce Matin Là’
‘New Star In The Sky’
‘Le Voyage De Pénélope’

Disc 2 Two: rarities, remixes and sessions

‘Remember’ (David Whitaker Version)
‘Kelly Watch’ The Stars (Live on the BBC 1998)
‘J’ai Dormi Sous L’Eau’ (Live on the BBC 1998)
‘Sexy Boy’ (Live on the BBC 1998)
‘Kelly Watch The Stars’ (Moog Cookbook Remix)
‘Mabrouk’ (Live on KCRW 1998)
‘You Make It Easy’ (Live on KCRW 1998)
‘Bossa 96’ (Demo)
‘Kelly Watch The Stars’ (Demo)
‘Sexy Boy'(Beck Sex Kino Mix)