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Aesop Rock album news

Def Jukie Aesop Rock recently updated his myspace blog to let everyone in on his upcoming album, which will be called None Shall Pass, and is due out in the first part of 2007.

The beats on the album will be produced by Blockhead [7 tracks], Aes himself [5], El-P and Rob Sonic [1 each] with DJ Big Wiz on the turntables throughout the record. Expect to hear from El-P, Cafe, Camutao, Breeze Brewin’, Rob Sonic and John Darnielle vocally in parts.

Lyrically, Aes has said that he feels like he actually wrote something because its “really visual shit” and that the tracks are all stories which represent “different time periods in one’s life”. Regardless, it’s Aesop Rock, so we’re all gonna check it out now aren’t we?