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3 die after V-Festival

Yet again, 3 innocent lives have been taken in another car accident after a music event.

The accident, involving six people in their late teens and early 20s, occurred around 3am on August 21 on the M25 in Essex closing the motorway. According to police, the vehicle left the motorway between junctions 28 and 29 and overturned after hitting a small ditch.

Servicemen and women tried desperately to save the festival goers who were on their way home from the Staffordshire festival. The three people who died were thrown from the vehicle, while two passengers received minor injuries. The driver remained trapped in the car for an hour until emergency services managed to cut her out.

Do yourself and others a favour and click this link here that will take you to the Make Roads Safe wesite and sign the petition as Western governments are being urged to increase the amount of aid for reducing road accidents around the world. The Commission for Global Road Safety says it is a “global epidemic”, killing 1.2m a year, sign up now..