Megadeth Reunion?

Dave Ellefson on possibility of original line-up reunion

On the topic of whether he will ever reunite with Mustaine and his former MEGADETH bandmates, Ellefson said:

“Dave and I met about two years ago, he had reached out to me and I gladly reciprocated and we met and we had dinner and buried the hatchets. There was a lot of legal unhinging with our business stuff together. He and I will always be in business sort of the way Lennon and McCartney are always in business because it’s sort of like we raised some kids — we’ve got albums, we’ve got work, we’ve got our songs we composed together — there’s all this stuff, and that’s gonna be there.

It was nice for he and I to sit down and look each other in the eye and talk without having managers and lawyers and, you know, the entourage and stuff, around. It was nice, because, really, that’s how he and I met — he and I met just face-to-face — and it was nice that we got to have a hook-up like that; I’m really happy about that. And I don’t know if that means one day we’ll ever be in a room with our guitars on again or if it’ll just be, like, when we come into each other’s town, we call each other and go out to Starbucks and hang out and get caught up about what’s happening with the kids, you know what I mean?! [laughs]

I think rather than trying to force it, it needs to just sort of happen on its own time. I think any successful reunion that I’ve seen — whether it’s Motley, The Who or The Eagles, or whoever it is — it seems like the only successful ones happen because everybody gets on… It’s almost like enough time has to go by where you’re willing to forgive, you’re willing to let go… it’s, like, the time does heal the wounds, and you’re able to sort of move past all of that stuff so that you can be in that place that I saw Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend being — which is with a real sort of gratitude and a real deal for the rock and roll reason they got together in the first place.”