Live Reviews

Your Demise live at The Garage

(w/Heights, Counterparts, Fact)
23rd February
The Garage, London

Your Demise only released their EP Cold Chillin’ at the start of this month and already it’s gone like a rocket, sky high in the hardcore/punk scene. The five-piece heavy titans have proved all the doubters wrong and to top it off is their recent UK leg, bouncing from city to city and taking hold of fans new and old on board for one of the mightiest adventures to date!

Joining forces is five-piece rock band from Japan, Fact, who took out the headliners on tour back home in Tokyo, selling out shows effortlessly. Tonight’s show sees them open a little earlier than their usual schedule but while many of their members sport Your Demise merchandise, it’s pretty clear that the early set time has had no effect on their optimism to chuck out their striking hardcore turn punk turn electro-pop sounds to our shores.

Canada crew Counterparts aren’t quite the turbulence. If anything they take off, putting their foot down and accelerating their chunky beat downs and thrilling rifts into a whole other dimension. With giant choruses led by vocalist Brendan Murphy, they’re the force tearing apart the four walls that frame them here tonight. “This is wild, I don’t even know why you care” says Brendan. The crowd turn into a hurricane, spitting out circle pits and chew apart The Relentless Garage whilst Counterparts lure in even those in the furthest corners of the room.

Now with lift off out the way, Heights take control and steer their post-hardcore set primed with infectious and brutal stormy songs towards an atmosphere filled with absolute carnage. Revving the engine, front man Monty elbows the killjoys at Newcastle and thanks security for “keeping you all safe” before dipping into ‘Dead Ends’. Their first class set is ruled by their great attempt to carry out a pit so grand there are more people participating than those standing back and watching. Monty begins to wrap his microphone around his neck, falling into the first few rows as the final chorus for ‘The Lost And Alone’ pours out.

Heavyweights Your Demise need no introduction. Dragging new hit ‘Karma’ through the air tonight, Ed and co tremble the room with the raging rhythm pushing through. Lifting ‘Nearly Home’ off this year’s EP, the monster vocals tear Your Demise through the sky, a place after tonight they can safely call theirs.

‘These Lights’ act as a birds eye view of Your Demise fan army flying head first towards the stage. The Southern mob navigate towards past creations ‘Scared Of The Light’ and ‘Like A Broken Record’. Front man Ed grabs a fan and starts counting down to when he informs the kid to do “the best stage dive”. As he reaches 1, the rest of the room swallow up said kid. Such actions even manage to tempt first support Fact to join in. This time round, it’s Ed that needs rescuing back to the stage.

The members of Fact guide the gang vocals in ‘Worthless’ while ‘Burnt Tongues’ see’s Monty of Heights join for the remaining verse and chorus, giving Ed some time out. But the jetway bridges open to the mass of flying bodies and raised arms. Just in time for ‘Miles Away’, the only thing setting the fans and YD crew apart is the stage as they unite in sequences of consistent stage dives. Massive anthem ‘The Kids We Used To Be’ elevates and all on board will be jet lagged until next time.

Jenny Chu