Live Reviews

Wednesday 13 – Live

Manchester Academy 2.

Halloween in Manchester has arrived early. The queue outside Academy 2 is like a scene from Night of the Living Dead, and no-one dare be seen in anything but black and the occasional red stripe. Pasty faces, ghoulish make up, it can only mean one thing. Yes folks, Wednesday 13 is back in town.

Inside, Academy 2 isn’t the best venue in the world and when it’s only half full, it’s grimmer still but is probably largely down to the fact that media darlings Billy Talent are playing the main Academy next door. Still, Wednesday 13’s brand of tougue in cheek, deathly glam is still a draw and they have clearly built up much of a following.

It’s nearly a year since Wednedsay 13 played round these ‘ere parts, but now signed to a new record label and with an impressive second album under their belts, not to mention a snazzy little line up change, they are ready to unleash themselves again.

The atmosphere is charged and at 9.45 the familiar face of Racci Shay (ex-Dope /ex- The Rejects), minus dreadlocks leads the band into view of the awaited crowd. As Wednesday saunters onstage clad in skin tight jeans and leather jacket the few hundred fans here make enough noise for the people that are absent.

“Thank fuck for Jack Daniels and Manchester” shrieks Wednesday 13 halfway through his bands set as he thrashes and kicks his way through a well balanced set-list drawn from Transylvania 90210…and new album Fang Bang. Murderdolls tracks ‘I Love To Say Fuck’ and ‘197666‘ are also slung in for good measure.

It’s easy to get lost in the whimsical side of Wednesday 13. They are a band who know their appeal and know how to play the crowd, even if Wednesday himself does seem a little awkward when trying to conjure up audience participation. But, they are also a band who rock like a mother of fuckness. With Eric Griffin now playing his six string of choice, Nate Manor on bass and Raci “Sketchy” Shay now beating the tubs, the level of cohesion is stunning. Witnessing a band so in to what they are doing is infectious and the fact that they are a shit hot rock n roll band shouldn’t be overlooked. Moreover, Raci Shay is one of the best drummers to come out of the scene in recent times.

As ‘Last Night I walked With A Zombie’ and Murderdolls crowd fave ‘RAMBO‘ turn the floor into a pit it’s a feelgood, flawless performance and Wednesday 13 couldn’t have disappointed even if they tried. Everyone leaves sweaty, smiley and enthused by what they just witnessed, and that my friends demonstrates everything that is right with rock music today.

Jane Hawkes