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We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists

93 East – London
17th October 2005

The venue is rammed meaning that the current single The Great Escape has done it’s duty and turned heads, not really difficult though when you have a tune that good but hey, better ones have not even touched the sides in the past but these guys are lucky, they were in the right hands at the right time.

3 piece bands that play high temp disco indie sounds like hard work for all members involved but tonight, these 3 guys make it look easy. With tunes like the classic Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt and This Scene is Dead the band roll through this set with ease with a sense of humour thrown in for good measure. For some reason though this set is not likely to hit arenas in the future, or at least you could not imagine them playing to crowds of that size but for now, even at this dodgy east London venue they have already started to climb capacities. The debut album that just came out is one to have, check them out live when they next visit, you will not be disappointed.

Finnan Crispy