Live Reviews


Evenings such as this are often daunting events for the self-respecting metal fan. Not necessarily as a result of the quality of music on display, but more due to the fact that the audience of which bands such as Thrice attract have an uncanny and almost frightening ability to look almost identical. An endless stream of youth size shirts, waist crushing jeans and ghastly chequered slip-ons; one can only hope that tonight’s headliners produce a performance capable of making such a daunting social experience worthwhile.

As the lights dim and the band stride onstage, deafening screams reminiscent of a thousand boiling teapots ring out from those in attendance. Almost immediately the opening chords of ‘Betrayal is a Symptom’ wash over the venue to be met with sheer jubilation; the crowd rolling back as one before smashing into the barricade with all the synchronised force of an unstoppable tidal wave. The circle pit inducing ‘Paper Tiger’ is as sharp as a razor and twice as dangerous, while anthem ‘Artist in the Ambulance’ provokes a sizeable majority into screaming along with such passion that their very eyes are in danger of exploding clean out of their sockets.

It’s obvious that Thrice are a band most comfortable when in the presence of fans that are truly tirs and theirs alone. The only question that remains unanswered is whether they can pull it off outside of the spotlight as convincingly as when in it.


Ryan Bird