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The Voom Blooms

The Dublin Castle

Up until now, the most famous thing to come out of Loughborough were sports stars from the university, but all that might be about to change. Taking to the stage for their first London show, Loughborough based four piece The Voom Blooms seem to exude a quiet confidence that makes you sit up, shut up and take notice.

Visually the easy comparison is The Libertines, but aurally they veer more towards Bloc Party with a healthy dose of produce energetic, melody saturated wonderfully guitar rich tracks that spin off the stage with ease. Brooding frontman George Guildford barely addresses the crowd but looks out with a steady gaze, drawing listeners in as if he has something you really need to hear. Tracks are edgy without being pretentious, rich with catchy hooks and unexpected turns. Every so often there’s a glimpse of vulnerability about the band, which is both engaging and just adds another layer. Politics and Cigarettes (to be released as a single in March) is just one of the tracks layered with edgy guitars, unbound exuberance – the push me pull you between on stage between Guildford and guitarist Craig Monk only adds to the pressure cooker of a set. Thought of Rena, Just Like Spies spin out with raw energy – The Voom Blooms perfectly showcasing their talents which have secured them supports slots for The Paddingtons and Babyshambles.

Whilst same same indie bands are flooding the music scene at the moment, The Voom Blooms have combined a very british sound with some great song writing, a quiet confidence in themselves and spot on live performances. As previously mentioned, this was there first London show – the first of many I’m sure. They can return to Loughborough safe in the knowledge they’ve gained a new batch of fans.

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Dee Massey