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The Epoxies – Live

Tufnell Park Boston Arms

Given the somewhat sterile surroundings of the Carling-sponsored venues that seem to be on the increase these days, the more organic atmosphere of a DIY gig makes for a refreshing alternative.

Tonight’s show is held in the back room of a pub, with a small record stall set up near the entrance, and flyers for various other shows littering just about every raised surface. A throwback, perhaps, to the punk gigs of pre-internet days; although the half-full venue suggests that it could have been more widely promoted.

Still, those who do show up are not disappointed; not least due to the presence of a couple of video screens showing clips of classic live performances from many of the leading lights of punk rock through the years. Mansfield’s UK82 veterans Riot Squad are the sole support band, but their repetitive punk bluster fails to draw many of the unconverted away from the bar.

Back in the capital for only the second time (following a support slot with NOFX in mid-2004), The Epoxies don’t seem at all bothered by the lacklustre turnout and set about throwing a colourful new-wave party.

Clad in day-glo outfits and with green laser pens taped to their guitars, it would seem as if we’d been transported to a Laser Quest arena, except there’s a man by the name of FM Static bobbing about behind his keyboard like a child with chronic ADD. Oh, and the tunes aren’t bad either – the likes of ‘Radiation’ and ‘We’re So Small’ inviting several punters to join hyperactive frontwoman Roxy Epoxy down at the front.

Overall, the Epoxies are well worth leaving your house on a chilly Monday evening, and the band themselves are clearly grateful that we still remember them after all this time. Here’s hoping for a speedy return.

Alex Gosman
Photo courtesy of Fat Wreck.